Together for the Sonian Forest! Are you in?

Under the title ‘Together for the Sonian Forest!’ The Sonian Forest Foundation launched together with its partners an inter-regional awareness campaign to encourage visitors to respect some good habits when visiting the forest.

Because as a visitor, you can help to limit the impact of a visit to the forest with a few good but simple habits, and help to ensure that the Sonian forest has a long and beautiful future.

Foresters and forestry staff of the Sonian Forest in the spotlight.

The foresters and forest staff are the ones who guarantee tomorrow’s forest. In addition to their primary role in the sustainable management of the forest, they ensure the safety of visitors and respect the peace and quiet of the forest, the fauna and the flora.

They deserve the greatest respect and our support. We invite the public to stop by to greet them, support them, but also to ask them questions and listen to their good advice!

Discover all the good habits of the Sonian Forest over here!

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