Sonian Forest Foundation

The Sonian Forest Foundation was founded in 2019 and aims to act as a voice for the Sonian Forest, beyond Belgium’s regional borders.

The Foundation bases its work on the interregional structural vision that was developed for the Sonian Forest. In the framework of this vision, the Foundation encourages initiatives that help to preserve the ecological heart of the Sonian Forest with its vulnerable fauna and flora. Therefore, the coordination of a good and structured public reception around the different entry points, the development of a clear communication, the linking of the forest with its environment and the fight against fragmentation are among the core tasks of the Foundation.

To fulfil this mission, the Foundation must be able to count on the support of the general public. This requires multilingual and uniform communication, but public participation is also of great importance. That is why the Foundation works closely with the relevant partners of the Sonian Forest on whose years of experience and expertise it can rely.

The Sonian Forest Foundation, together with all these partners, is at the helm of the Day of the Sonian Forest. Every year this day is the perfect occasion to get to know the forest and its partners in a unique way. Such as an exclusive visit of the ecoduct, a family quest, a sporty bike ride along the beautiful pearls of the Unesco World Heritage sites or instructive and above all fun workshops in the middle of the forest where children discover interesting things about forest life.

In addition, the Foundation coordinates communication campaigns to inform the various users of the forest, such as cyclists and mountain bikers, but also hikers and those seeking peace and quiet, dog owners and horse riders. For this purpose, it uses various channels such as the revamped website, newsletters, Facebook and Instagram.

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