The Sonian Forest: soon to be Unesco World Heritage?

Foto Omhoogkijken langs een woudreus

Following in the footsteps of the Flemish Region and the Region of Brussels Capital, the Walloon Region is lending its support to the candidacy of the Sonian Forest for recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was decided by the members of the Environment Committee of the Walloon parliament.

The Sonian Forest covers parts of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Hence, the three regions must agree on a joint request to have the Sonian Forest recognised as a World Heritage Site. Now that the three regions have given their approval, they can submit a dossier to the federal government, the official discussion partner of UNESCO. This would mark the first time that the three regions have submitted a joint dossier to UNESCO.

A number of years ago, Europe declared the Sonian Forest a Natura 2000 site, the European network of nature protection areas. Recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site undoubtedly will further increase support for protecting this unique forest at the edge of the Capital of Europe.