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Welcome to the Groenendaal Ecoduct

Groenendaal Ecoduct. This is the name of the new ecoduct over the ring around Brussels that will connect both sides of the Sonian Forest.

Ecoduct Groenendaal

Ecoduct Groenendaal © Witteveen+Bos

Project leader Steven Vanonckelen: “Our appeal to come up with a name received a lot of response, more than thirty people submitted a proposal. We were looking for a name that is understood across all language borders and that certainly applies to Groenendaal Ecoduct.”

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30 Hoeilanders hammering away on Groenendaal entrance gate

On 30 January 2015, the Platform Groenendaal came out of the starting blocks. This network unites local residents, entrepreneurs, associations and authorities who are working together to turn Groenendaal into an attractive entrance gate to the Sonian Forest.

poort GroenendaalAbout thirty people attended the start meeting of the platform.

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Ecofence safely shepherds animals over the railway tracks

A new natural (eco)fence screens off the Brussels-Luxemburg railway line from the Sonian Forest and leads deer, martens and amphibians to the ecoduct. This is where they can safely cross the railway tracks.

Ecoraster LIFE+ OZONAn ecoduct has reunited two parts of the Sonian Forest, which was split by the L161 railway line, since 2012. A natural fence was installed in the Brussels part of the forest at that time. Another fence was put in on the Flemish Region part in late 2014, which goes to the Groenendaal station. This means that the forest fauna can only cross the railway via the ecoduct, which will reduce the number of animals killed.


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Major interest for Sonian forest in the media

La Libre Belgique, Bel RTL, Knack, De Standaard, Le Soir, La DH, VRT Nieuws, Het Nieuwsblad, Metro, the list of media that drew attention to the Sonian forest this past month is long.

ZOZ_HW2014_FR_WEBEspecially the approaching recognition of the Sonian forest as UNESCO World Heritage is arousing people’s interest. Almost all media went into this. But the forest could also be seen on a spread in the weekend edition of [...]

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Archaeologists discover underground room below Groenendaal priory

While researching the former Augustinian priory at Groenendaal, archaeologists stumbled upon an unknown underground room. Further research should now reveal what the room was used for in the Middle Ages.

© ODIN / Archeopro

© ODIN / Archeopro

In 1343, three canons from the Brussels Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula founded the Augustinian priory at Groenendaal. To this very day several buildings are testament to its devout past: the historic farm that now houses the Bosmuseum Jan Van Ruusbroec (Forest Museum), the remains of the priory church, the Classical coach house and the building to house the staff from 1783, where the Government of Flanders has an office. It now appears that the site concealed another room below ground.

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