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15 cameras put animals in the spotlight

Earlier this year the team from the LIFE+ OZON project, focused on defragmentation of the Sonian Forest, placed 15 cameras around the passages under the Brussels Ring road and the E411. These are providing a unique look at the animals making use of these ecological thoroughfares.

Vos (LIFE+ OZON)The European LIFE+ OZON project is taking action to help reduce the fragmentation of the Sonian Forest. By 2017, there will be eight new wildlife passages over and under places where the highway crosses the woods, including a 60-metre wide eco duct. Nearby, 18 existing tunnels and passages are being renovated to make it easier for bats, foxes, badgers and other animals to pass.

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Welcome to the Groenendaal Ecoduct

Groenendaal Ecoduct. This is the name of the new ecoduct over the ring around Brussels that will connect both sides of the Sonian Forest.

Ecoduct Groenendaal

Ecoduct Groenendaal © Witteveen+Bos

Project leader Steven Vanonckelen: “Our appeal to come up with a name received a lot of response, more than thirty people submitted a proposal. We were looking for a name that is understood across all language borders and that certainly applies to Groenendaal Ecoduct.”

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 Archaeologists discover underground room below Groenendaal priory

While researching the former Augustinian priory at Groenendaal, archaeologists stumbled upon an unknown underground room. Further research should now reveal what the room was used for in the Middle Ages.

© ODIN / Archeopro

© ODIN / Archeopro

In 1343, three canons from the Brussels Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula founded the Augustinian priory at Groenendaal. To this very day several buildings are testament to its devout past: the historic farm that now houses the Bosmuseum Jan Van Ruusbroec (Forest Museum), the remains of the priory church, the Classical coach house and the building to house the staff from 1783, where the Government of Flanders has an office. It now appears that the site concealed another room below ground.

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