Works ongoing in the Sonian Forest

This autumn, Sibelga is working on expanding the gas distribution network in the Brussels Capital Region. The Sonian Forest has not escaped the works. But the ancient woodland is still accessible to walkers and cyclists. The diversions will lead you to quieter locations.


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The Brussels gas distribution network is under pressure. In order to expand capacity, a new gas supply point will be connected to the network. This will provide sufficient gas to the south of Brussels and allow for the switch to rich gas to begin.

A new pipeline of 12 km must be laid for the purposes of the project. Part of this will run underneath the Sonian Forest. More specifically, work is taking place between the Kapel van Willerieken and the intersection of the Bunderdreef and the Terhulpensesteenweg. The car parks at Bunderdreef and the Kapel Willerieken will be hard to access.

But alternative routes will be provided! These will soon be available on our website and the website of Bruxelles Environnement.