Welcome to the Groenendaal Ecoduct

Groenendaal Ecoduct. This is the name of the new ecoduct over the ring around Brussels that will connect both sides of the Sonian Forest.

Ecoduct Groenendaal

Ecoduct Groenendaal © Witteveen+Bos

Project leader Steven Vanonckelen: “Our appeal to come up with a name received a lot of response, more than thirty people submitted a proposal. We were looking for a name that is understood across all language borders and that certainly applies to Groenendaal Ecoduct.”

The construction of the ecoduct at Groenendaal is planned for 2016 and has to be ready by 2017 at the latest. In the summer of that year the name will be visible from the R0 to passing motorists. It will be the first ecoduct across the Brussels Ring.

© Els Gillaerts

© Els Gillaerts

The ecoduct fits in with the European LIFE+ OZON project that is tackling the fragmentation of the Sonian Forest. By 2017 there will be more than ten fauna passages across and under the roads going through the forest. Steven Vanonckelen: “We have noticed a lot interest for the project. Presenter Tatyana Beloy (photograph) of travel show Vlaanderen Vakantieland visited the LIFE+ OZON project at the end of January.”

More info: www.sonianforest.be/lifeozon/