Warandepoort passageway in Tervuren reopened

Community centre De Warandepoort in Tervuren opened its doors earlier this year. However, just a week after opening, the central square had to be closed down due to the steep slope of the passageway. The changes to the passageway have now been completed and the square has been reopened.

De Warandepoort

© Lander Loeckx

De Warandepoort is the ideal base for a visit to the Sonian Forest, the Geographic Arboretum, or the Tervuren Park. But soon after opening, the slope that connects the central square to the park turned out to be too steep. Not only was the passageway inaccessible to visitors such as wheelchair users, it was also quite a challenge for other visitors to safely cross the central square. So the square was temporarily closed.

Planters and benches

New works came to mind. The steepest part of the square was divided into two inclined planes with a flat area in the middle. The pathway running through the centre of the square was also rebuilt, in order to make it more clearly visible. Finally, planters were placed on the steepest parts of the central square, automatically redirecting visitors so that they wouldn’t walk here.