Walloon management plan for Sonian Forest approved

On 30 May, the Walloon minister for Nature René Collin approved the Walloon management plan for the Sonian Forest. This sets out the guidelines for the sustainable and multifunctional management of the Forest until 2037.

In 2008, the Flemish, Brussels Capital and the Walloon Regions decided to work together in relation to the Sonian Forest. The principles for this collaboration were set forth within the structure vision and the new management plan for the Sonian Forest was drafted on this basis.

A management plan was drawn up for the Flemish part of the forest in 2013. The Walloon management plan has now been approved. The new plan champions the sustainable and multifunctional management of the Sonian Forest.

Woodland furniture

The management plan sets out the measures until 2037 in the Walloon part of the Sonian Forest: the ecological network will be restored, the animal species and habitats of the Natura-2000 network will be granted additional protection and the ‘beech cathedral’ will be retained at selected locations. The forest will also encompass a 22 hectare woodland reserve, where nature is left to own devices and wood production will not take place.

The new management plan also covers agreements in the context of the collaboration between the three regions: the inter-regional walking, cycling and riding paths will be granted legal protection and there will be joint information boards and the same woodland furniture throughout the forest.

The Brussels Capital Region is also working on a new management plan for the Sonian Forest. This plan is currently being drafted and should be approved over the course of 2018.

Want to know more? Take a look at the management plan on www.zonienwoud.be/bibliotheek/beheerplannen/ (in French)