For children

On this map, you can find the play areas in the Sonian Forest. At these play areas, children and youth clubs can play freely—build camps, go off the trails, play hide-and-seek, etc. basically they can just go crazy in nature to their hearts’ content.

Play areas in the Sonian Forest
download the map here

Out and about!

In the neighbourhood of the Sonian Forest, there a number of museums and clubs that welcome children with open arms:

  • Cheval et Forêt (Horse and Forest): this non-profit organisation aims to bring the draught horse, in all of its aspects, into the spotlight. The history of the Belgian breed of draught horse and its impact on the economy, the professions of horse logger, blacksmith, etc The NPO hosts classes at the Rouge-Cloître Abbey site.Cheval et Forêt, Rue du Rouge-Cloître 5, 1160 Auderghem,
  • Le sentier des abeilles: in the Jean Massart Botanical Garden in Auderghem, a bee trail organised by Apis Bruoc Sella guides you, in living colour and aroma, through the buzzing life of the bees.Jean Massart Botanical Garden, chaussée de Wavre 1850, 1160 OAuderghem,
  • Tournesol-Zonnebloem (Sunflower): the association Tournesol-Zonnebloem allows both young and old to become acquainted with nature in all of its aspects. On their programme: activities for schools, nature experiments for children, guided tours for adults or families.Asbl Tournesol – Zonnebloem vzw, Terhulpsesteenweg 199, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort,

Youth clubs in the Sonian Forest

There is an entire patrol of youth clubs active in the Sonian Forest. Use these links to surf to their website: