The fishing zones in the Sonian Forest are shown on this map:

Fishing zones in the Sonian Forest
download the map here

You can cast your line in the Sonian Forest at these spots:
  • Putsel Pond and Linden Pond (Groenendaal) and Vossem Pond (Tervuren). In order to enjoy fishing in these waters, you must have a fishing licence. You can purchase one in any post office or order one online . More information about the fishing regulations can be found at
  • Pond 3 of the Rouge-Cloître Abbey: For permission to fish in Pond 3 of the Rouge-Cloître Abbey, please contact the Société centrale pour la protection de la pêche fluviale (Central Society for the Protection of the Fluvial Fish), Contact person: Michel Vanbrusselen, place Meiers 4, box 12, 1150 Brussels, tel. 02 772 07 70 or 0479 63 11 63, michel.vanbrusselen[at]