Expected results

Putting an end to fragmentation

The OZON wildlife crossings or habitat corridors are to counter the fragmentation of the Sonian Forest. This will allow isolated animal populations to migrate across the whole forest again to reproduce or look for shelter and food.

A boost for protected animal species


By defragmenting and restoring the habitats in the Sonian Forest, the existing animal species are given every chance to survive. This will benefit European protected animal species, such as the Daubenton’s bat, European pine marten, ground beetle and palmate newt.


Roadkills reduced by 90%

The number of roadkills among migrating forest animals declines by over 90%. The idea is to protect existing populations, as well as to reduce the material and human damage as much as possible.

The Sonian Forest has conquered people’s heartsteambuilding

Closely involving the public at large in the Sonian Forest and the OZON project and subsequently increasing the respect for this beautiful city forest with its European valuable habitats and species.

BeheerdersAlso in the long term

After completion of the LIFE+ OZON project, the administrators of the Sonian Forest will continue on the chosen path and pursue a sustainable follow-up management. This will be anchored in an updated management plan and devote attention to the growing recreational pressure.