Preparatory actions

– Developing the technical file for the wildlife bridge
– Filing the building permit application for the wildlife bridge
– Making the technical design for the defragmentation of the Hertenlaan and filing the building permit
– Studying which defragmentation measures are required on the N275
– Developing the technical specifications of the constructions
– Examining how the new wildlife crossings are to be monitored

Concrete protection measures 

OZON actions on the map

OZON actions on the map

– Re-organising existing tunnels and restoring the drainage
– Restoring existing culverts and organising their environment in a nature-friendly manner
– Re-organising the Groenendaal junction in a nature-friendly manner
– Re-organising the environment of the wildlife crossing at the Hertenlaan
– Installing tree bridges on gantries
– Building the wildlife bridge
– Constructing 3 wildlife tunnels
– Defragmentation measures under and above the N275 and N5
– Installing a wildlife fence along motorways and railways
– Installing wildlife warning reflectors along secondary roads
– Creating additional open areas in forest edges with protective shrub and edge vegetation (also important in view of climate change)
– Steering and clearly demarcating recreational flows (including off-leash dog areas)

These concrete protection measures are implemented on the basis of best practices, as described, among other things, in the Green Infrastructure Guide.

Communication to the public at large

– Designing information panels; launching and updating website; Laymans report
– Implementing the LIFE+ OZON communication strategy through the Sonian Forest website, the magazine Zicht op Zoniën, municipal contact sheets, press activities,…
– Technical publications


– Monitoring the use of wildlife bridge, wildlife tunnels, wildlife pipes and tree bridges
– Mapping the animal species and their evolution in forest resources
– Monitoring socio-economic effects

Project management

– General project management
– Networking with domestic and foreign partners
– Monitoring the audits of the European Commission
– Ensuring the monitoring of the LIFE+ OZON project after project completion