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Happy holidays from the Sonian Forest!
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Kapping ecoduct1

09 November 2015: Trees logged for overpass Groenendaal

To clear the working area, trees on both sides of the future overpass were logged during the past few weeks. A part of the logged trees will get a spot on the overpass, in so-called stump walls. However, during construction these trees will lie aside to protect the remaining trees.


Drie borren16 October 2015: Viaduct Trois Fontaines adapted for animals

In September 2015, a part of the Trois Fontaines overpass was adapted for the passage of wildlife. This part is approximately 25 meters wide and connects not only the Sonian Forest, but also the Flemish and Brussels administrative regions. Read more about this action in our press release (in Dutch).



30 September 2015: 3 new ecotunnels under the Brussels Ringroad

Recently, 3 new tunnels were drilled underneath the Brussels Ringroad. On top of that, 18 existing tunnels and culverts were restored as well as optimized for animal passage and hibernation of bats. Read more about these measures or watch the report of Ring tv (in Dutch).


Roesje31 August 2015: An unexpected visitor

During a visit to a culvert beneath the N275, forester Dirk Raes discovered an unexpected visitor in the recently placed bat bricks: a moth called ‘Herald’ (Scoliopteryx libatrix). On October 22nd another Herald was discovered in a bat brick, this time in a culvert underneath the Brussels Ring Road. It seems that, even though the bats are not hibernating yet, the bricks are put to good use!


tunnel welriekende15 July 2015: Restoration of tunnels and culverts

During the past months, 18 tunnels and culverts of different formats were cleaned and repaired in order to recreate safe passages for animals. On top of that, a total of 120 bat bricks was placed in 6 culverts to help bats finding a place to hibernate. In September, three additional tunnels will be drilled under the Brussels Ring Road.


Bekendmaking bouwvergunning18 June 2015: Building permit granted

After great efforts of both ANB and AWV, the OZON team received the building permit for the wildlife crossing near the former racetrack of Groenendaal. At the moment, the team is finishing the documents to publish a public contract and start construction in 2016. More information on the planned overpass is available here.


N2000 award26 May 2015: Sonian Forest finalist for Natura 2000 Award!

On May 22nd, the prestigious Natura 2000 awards were handed out. The interregional cooperation of the Sonian Forest, which OZON is part of, impressed the jury. The Sonian Forest was selected out of 93 applicants in the category: ‘Cross-border Cooperation and Networking’. The three regionmanagers all received a certificate. Read more.



02 April 2015: Forest management marks the arrival of the Ecoduct

Ecoduct Groenendaal is coming! This shows not only by information panels that were placed previously but now also by the trees that are marked. To create enough space for the ecoduct, trees along the Brussels Ringroad will have to dissappear. That is why, during the last month, all project partners worked hard together to find a balance between trees that could stay and trees that have to disappear. A part of the marked trees will be used on the ecoduct to create shelter for small animals.


23 March 2015: Amphibian tunnels and en grids placed

During the ‘Krokus’ holidays, the Duboislaan was closed to place amphibian tunnels. Because of these tunnels, toads and other amphibians do no longer have to cross the road during their yearly migration. This way they can migrate to the ponds and back safely.

Werfbord OZON
18 February 2015: Information panels placed

Last week, two information panels for the OZON project were installed along the Brussels ring road. These panels were placed near the location of the future wildlife crossing which will be built in 2016 between Groenendaal and Waterloo. This way, drivers are optimally informed about the project.

Steven en Tatyana Beloy05 February 2015: Vlaanderen Vakantieland visits OZON

In February 2015, a TV crew of the Flemish television channel Eén has visited the Sonian Forest and the OZON project. Interested in the result? The program is now online!

Trailcam eric - vos30 January 2015: Monitoring in the Sonian Forest

To see whether or not the measures taken in the Sonian Forest have the desired effects, we will monitor them thoroughly. In October last year 15 trailcams were installed and have made thousands of pictures of numerous animals already.