Artists from the three Belgian regions on a journey through the forest

A four-day journey on foot through the Sonian Forest, from the Walloon Region through Flanders into the Brussels Region. Every day a musical performance with dance in a tree. That is the project ‘from tree to tree’ in a nutshell. The project runs from Wednesday 16 September to Saturday 19 September.

Arbre mon abri / Van boom tot boom on the 16th of september in the Solvay Domain © Stefanie Holvoet

Arbre mon abri / Van boom tot boom on the 16th of september in the Solvay Domain © Stefanie Holvoet

Cie Arbricolage is a young company that makes creations about diversity in forests and people. From 16 to 19 September and with support of the Prince Philippe Fund (KBF), Cie Arbricolage creates ‘From tree to tree’, an acoustic version with contrabass of its presentation ‘Up a tree!’. A travelling residence and a meeting from south to north with a Walloon contrabassist, a screen, a Flemish director, a tree, a Brussels filmmaker and a Flemish-Ecuadorian woman who can climb up a tree.

With the project ‘From tree to tree’ the company stresses the importance of connecting parts of the forest and creations that cross borders. After all, forests and the animals that inhabit them know no borders.

The artists practice every day between 2 and 4 in the afternoon and invite everyone to come take a look. At 6 in the evening, they share their discoveries of the day in a performance of 20 to 30 minutes.

Cie Arbricolage – Teaser Solo ‘Den Boom in’ / ‘Arbre mon Abri’ from Nina Kerkhove on Vimeo.


View the map of all locations here

Wednesday 16 September: Solvay castle (La Hulpe – Walloon Region)
Thursday 17 September: Groenendaal castle (Groenendaal – Flanders)
Friday 18 September: Drei Borren castle (Oudergem – Brussels Region)
Saturday 19 September: Rood Klooster (Oudergem – Brussels Region)


Character and organisation: Nina Kerkhove (Flanders – Ecuador)
Contrabass: Justine Louis (Wallonia – France)
Direction: Goedele Dauwe (Flanders)
Video and photography: Xavier Moucq (Brussels)

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