Linking the forest to its surroundings

The Sonian Forest is not an isolated area; it must also fit into the surrounding environment. That is why great pains are being taken over access points, for the recreational users as well as for the plants and animals. A new recreational network is in the works. This network will form better links between the paths and routes in the Sonian Forest and the existing networks outside of the forest. So the Sonian Forest will become even more of a paradise for cyclists, hikers and equestrians.

The forest will also be better connected to the green areas in the greater vicinity. Think of the valleys of the Voer, the Laan, the IJse, the Woluwe and the Argentine, the Meerdaalwoud and the Hallerbos. At the border between Hoeilaart and Overijse, on the old agricultural lands, Koedal and Smeyberg, much hard work has already been done on connections like these. In 2008, the first trees were planted there. We did not have to wait long for the desired result. Species, such as the European stonechat and the roe, are turning up in the new nature. There, you will soon find a half-open landscape with grasslands, small groups of trees, shrubs, hedges, wooded banks and groves.