Wood production

Every year more than 20,000 m³ of wood is felled in the Sonian Forest. The beech, in particular, is known for its excellent quality. The beech wood in the Sonian Forest is one of the most productive in Belgium, even in Europe. ‘Sonian Beech’ commands the highest prices in Belgium every year: approximately 100 euro/m³ of timber in 2012.

Felling trees: benefits for nature

There are different reasons for cutting down trees. The removal of some trees clears space to allow their neighbours to thrive. That is called ‘thinning’. Other trees, if they further deteriorate, can pose a danger to the roads and pathways next to which they stand. In that case, the tree is felled for safety considerations. And finally, trees can also disappear to make room for a new generation of trees, to ‘rejuvenate’ the forest. Old trees are beautiful and valuable. ( a part is missing : They also provide homes for unusual and sometimes rare plants and animals. And other types of trees feel more at home in a forest of younger trees. In a forest with only old trees with heavy crowns, the herbs and shrubs below do not receive enough light to grow. By felling a few mastodons, the undergrowth once again sees the light of day. That is good news for birds and insects, which find food and protection there.