Archaeological and historical heritage

Today, the rich history of the SonianForest is reflected in valuable archaeological and historical sites. Tumuli or burial mounds, the prehistoric camp of Bosvoorde, the castle of Drij-Borren (formerly the forest prison), the castle of Terhulpen, the priory of Groenendaal and the Rouge Cloître Abbey the Park of Tervuren, the old stagecoach roads, and so on.

Preserving and upgrading that heritage is a key concern of the managers. That’s why the Tumuli and the Neolithic camp of Boitsfort have been declared archaeological reserves. Specially adapted management must protect and preserve these archaeological sites for future generations. The sites of Groenendaal and the Rouge Cloître, both former priories of the Order of St Augustine, have also been completely restored. The parks of Tervuren, Tournay-Solvay and La Hulpe and their patrimony have likewise received a facelift.